Sunday, October 18, 2009

2 Months!

Happy Anniversary to us! Its been two months today. To celebrate we decided to go on a walk. We ended up a couple places. We stopped by the park by our house for a couple minutes, then we walked to the duck pond on byu campus.

It was the first time either of us had been there. We took a few pictures to commemorate, and find out all the cool things we can do with our camera phones. :)

Just to be cheesy for a minute, im really happy that i am married to david and i cant imagine a day without him or his goofiness.

Im not really sure what david was trying to do with these pictures, but all i know is that the background is more in focus than we are. But its just us chillin by the pond.

The whole reason we were drawn to the duck pond was as we were walking we heard the ducks quacking, now to us this sounded like laughing. So every time they quacked, we chuckled. The only thing for us to do was record it. Now as you know, you cant make an animal do anything, so there is a little bit of waiting for some quacking. If at first you dont think they are laughing, watch it again. You'll hear it.

After the duck pond we walked around provo a little more, went on campus for a drink of water and then headed back towards our place. As we were heading home david picked a flower for me, it was orange, and put it in my hair and gave me another one to hold. Then we stopped by ben and vanessa's, we happened to walk right on their street, so of course we had to say hi. I felt bad cuz we actually woke them up from their sunday nap... pj's and all, but of course they talked for a minute. They even gave us food, mostly stuff they wouldnt eat, but its great for us! We were even invited for dinner, but we didnt want to impose. So i gave them a flower, and then we continued on our way home.

David is such a cutie; after we left the henry's, i saw a tree with pretty leaves, so i picked one. (I get really excited about things like that. You know, fall, pumpkins, crunchy leaves, pretty flowers...) But when david found out that i like to pick pretty leaves, he stopped at every tree to get some. All sizes too! By the time we got home we had tons!! Im excited im going to make an edible wreath with them.

Its gonna be great. Im gonna paint chocolate on each of the leaves, and wait for it to harden, then peel the chocolate off, and place them on cupcakes in the shape of a wreath. It will be so yummy. Im excited.

After we got home david made mixed berry smoothies, he is definitely a pro.

Now were just settling in for a movie- yet to be chosen. Today has been great! Hope everyone else has had a wonderful sunday.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Photos = Great..., Photographer = Lazy Bum

Wedding Pictures...FINALLY!

So, 2 days from now marks our TWO month anniversary and we just barely received our wedding pictures, finally. So, I wouldn't be so frustrated about this had our photographer said it would be in 2 months. However, he said in a month they will get done. But, during these 2 months he has finished several other weddings and many other engagement pictures. It's pretty apparent that he was just very lazy. I mean the pictures came out great, but he didn't really even edit all that many. I guess I will have to do that on my own. Well that's my rant...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bad Timing.

So i wish i were one of those people that could keep up with a blog and all, but im not. There just arent that many people that pay attention to our blog; I guess you could say that we aren't huge contributors to the "blog world." Oh well. While we are on the subject, david and i are doing fine, a bit under the weather, but fine. Oh yeah, and school blows. We both have a few tests this week, so into study mode we go. Next time i have a minute to breath ill make another post.

Just a side note, whenever we get our wedding pictures we will put them up.

Happy Halloween!