Sunday, June 28, 2009

So we just started this blog, and it feels a little weird to be honest. Kinda voyeristic. But i am definitely one of those people that go's and reads all my friends blogs. So here goes, for all my voyeristic friends who want to know whats going on in the deep dark places of our minds, i present: OUR BLOG.

Wedding update number one: We are still engaged. :) nothing new there.

Update numer dwa (pronounced, noo-mair d-va, its polish, like my fiance) All the plans are going well, and are almost done. We have about 7 weeks ahead of us, and stress levels for a wedding in my family are at an all time low.

The only thing im worried about is whether my parents house is going to be ready, along with the bridesmaid dresses. After david and i got engaged my parents decided that this was the opportune time to pull out all the carpet in the dining room and on our staircase, and put new real hardwood floors in, none of that laminate stuff... I thought it was a great idea, until i found out they were going to be doing it all themselves. Ahh... home renovators. Do-it-yourselfers... i salute you...except when you have a wedding to host... in your house in two months. *SIGH* Now the bridesmaid dresses come into play because about a week into the engagement i decided to start looking for everything... including bridesmaid dresses. Can i just tell you... the colors of the fashion season are definitely not brown, blue, or green.

So my genius idea was for my mom to make the dresses i envisioned. She, of course, thought it was a great idea. So we bought the fabric, and now its just sitting because my parents are still working on the staircase. So now 7 weeks til the wedding, and neither are completed. Here's to hoping... Stay tuned to find out when it will all be finished... i know i will.

Along with trying to find my bridesmaid dresses that first week, we tried to find a photographer... We were successful in that field. He is amazing... his name is Jimmy Bishop with Gideon Photography, click here for his website, or here for his blog (look under engagements and we were his first post on this blog if you want to see more photos). We were lucky to have gotten our engagements done super early, about 6 weeks ago. Ever since then both of us have been absolutely obsessed with them.
The reason i bring this up is because lately i have been putting them in a scrapbook for the wedding and its been so hard trying to choose which ones to use! I love the little crafty projects though, its fun when David gets involved too. He sits down with me and helps me cut things out and gives his opinion on which pictures go best with which scrapbooking paper. I have my own little Christopher Lloyd (minus being bald, small, and overly opinionated about the need to fill a room with furniture and chotchkies, oh yeah and he isnt gay). I love it. He has adopted all of my hobbies, and loves to go shopping with me. Its perfect!
Its not so fun right now though
becuase i work in the afternoons and evenings and he works from 2am til about 1pm. Crappy hours, but gotta have the moolah...

Anyway, i think thats all for now... i'll let you know when the need to vent in written form bubbles forth.
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  1. Great work guys! Too bad about those crappy hours :( What a burn... but it is just going to be the first of many sacrafices.
    Can't wait to see you in August! Hey lauren, you might as well tell your parents to get new sinks and bathroom faucets and sinks as well from us :) haha. It will all work out fine. It's just a wedding anyways.