Friday, February 19, 2010

Not showing yet!

So, it feels like i wake up every day expecting to finally be showing... but it still hasnt happened yet. I get tricked though, because the little nugget seems to migrate up a little while im sleeping. So in the mornings, while im laying down, with a full bladder, i have a baby belly. The reason we know its the baby showing in the mornings because its always a lopsided bump- The baby seems to favor my left side. But the moment i get up to look in the mirror the bump is almost completely gone, then i go to the bathroom and there is no more bump at all. Weird.

I can also feel the baby moving too. It feels like my muscles are tightening involuntarily, its a really weird sensation. The other night i had david push on my stomach a little while i was feeling the tightening, and he got really excited because he said that he could feel the baby moving too. This is what makes being pregnant worth it. The morning, afternoon, and evening sickness is not worth it until you can feel the baby move for the first time and everything starts to seem more real.

I will be 18 weeks on Monday the 22nd. Then we will have our first ultrasound 2 weeks after that and find out what the gender of the baby is. David is convinced its a boy, and of course i feel like its going to be a girl. So it will be fun to see who is right!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Baby Frustration.

So i keep thinking that i am going to get over being sick, and then it hits me harder than i ever thought it could. Last night, we went to family dinner at my parents house. I usually feel better at my parents house for some reason. I dont know what it is, but my body/the baby doesnt like our apartment. Every time i walk in i almost immediately have to go to the bathroom and bow to the porcelain god...

But back to last night, i thought i would feel better at my parents, i didnt. I felt so bad i barely ate any dinner and had to lay on the couch the rest of the night while everyone else had fun in the kitchen. Then when we left i almost made David pull off the freeway a couple times so the baby could take its anger out on my stomach. I made it home, however, and went straight to bed.

I didnt even get to lay down before my guts decided i had to be sick. So i grabbed my handy dandy bowl and had a good red faced session. Last night while we were driving home, i wondered aloud if maybe i am feeling sick again because my insides are moving around trying to make more room for baby. David thought that could be a good reason, but told me to not get too ahead of myself... I am only 16 weeks. Hopefully i will have something to show for all my sick feelings soon. Until then i will continue to be a heathen and bow to my porcelain "friend. "

Until i feel better I'll think of a few of the things that make me happy:

The warm days of spring and summer

People who are dumber than me...

And the pounds lost after i have this little trouble maker. :)

Monday, February 1, 2010


WARNING: Long post... sorry all, i got a little frustrated.
So... I am trying to be a good wife and soon to be mom and learn polish. For anyone that doesnt know, or cant read our last name, David is polish. Well his parents are from Poland, but David was born in Chicago... Anyway, he grew up speaking polish to his parents, and he also went on his mission to Poland. So if he wasnt fluent before, he definitely is now. The reason i write this is to explain that i feel its important for our kids to learn the language, as that is one set of grandparents primary language. However, im frustrated. Polish is hard. David laughs when he explains to me that Poles take pride in how hard their language is. David has taught me a bit, and i can generally understand when he is praying or speaking in Polish. However, I am trying to learn at home and lets just say its not going quickly. I'll just give you a run down of why polish is so hard:

1. Each word can be changed 14 different times, depending on the form of speech.

2. There are four (4) genders. (Four?? REALLY??)

3. Each preposition, and verb changes the ending of a word accordingly.

4. Not only are nouns changed, but adjectives (anything describing the noun) change as well.

5. The language is spoken in double negatives.

6. The instrumental case in english is simply a different ending in a polish word. ( Who the heck knows what the instrumental case in english is anyway... now i have to know it in polish???) ie: (english) I am taking a bus. (polish) Ide autobusem. Direct translation: I am going by the means of a bus. (WTF??? Those two words mean all that?? Again i say, WTF??)

7. In English we use adjectives to describe somethings state of being. In Polish adverbs are used instead. Now i will show you why this is difficult; because it just doesnt seem that confusing...but it is. ie: (english) I am cold. (polish) Zimno mi. Direct translation: It is cold to me. ( I wish that everyone could have been here to listen to David explain to me why those two words mean, it is cold to me. He had to break down the english sentence to describe why the polish sentence works. By the way, in the polish sentence, there is no verb, just an adverb and the indirect object form of I. Sheesh.)

Now for those of you who have read through this post...which i know is long... David asked that i put in the reasons why Polish is easy. So here goes.

1. There are only 3 tenses- past tense, present tense, and future tense.... However, there are two forms of each verb. ( So not exactly easy, since you have to know which one you are using -perfect form or imperfect form.)

At this point David is struggling to think of another point of why polish would be easy...

2. There is no filler words like : a, an, the, of. These words are all inclusive in the ever large words.

As for redeeming qualities, it seems this is it.

Now regardless of how difficult i know the language is, i still attempt to teach myself. This, however, will not go well but I push forward. Well i guess this is me throwing down, that i will learn this language. There will be plenty of tears, and probably expletives said in frustration, but i will learn it. I dont think i can put a time limit on it, but this is me making myself accountable. Thank you for letting me rant. The next time i make progress i will definitely put it on the blog. :) *sigh*