Thursday, November 19, 2009


Its interesting that Thanksgiving is next week, because i have especially been feeling very ungrateful for what i have. I realize that i want more time to do things i love, and less time for those things that i dont really like and am not particularly good at. Which is what everybody wants... but it just feels like everyone else succeeds, while i fail. I wish that i were more creative, more stylish, have more money, live in a better place (one that im not embarrassed about when people come over), and i wish i was a better cook. I wish i was more assertive, a better friend, and smarter when it comes to school. I get these feelings every so often and it makes me feel like a... well.... something. I cant say frump because that is not all encompassing, but i dont know what word to use. Im trying harder to not feel so down... So for this next week i will not think about the bad and focus on the good. My life is not as bad as i make it out to be. I hope that Thanksgiving goes well for everyone.

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