Friday, March 4, 2011

well that didnt work...

So the exercising thing went caput when our downstairs neighbors decided that they didnt like us excersizing (jumping and kick boxing, really) at any time of the day. They banged on the floor at every time of the day. We tried 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 10pm, and every other time, but they would bang on the floor. So logically-like we have been told plenty of times- we should go talk to them and find out the best time. Well i dont want to do it, and david will usually confront anyone or anything, but he doesnt want to do it either. so we say our goodbye to chalene for now.

Something else that just doesnt work- more like i dont like- is the music on our page. Lets be honest, everybody pauses it as soon as the page loads. I know i do, when i open our page and everybody elses page. I love the music, its just an inconvenience, when someone is talking to you- and its super hard to read when something is blasting in your ears.

Now to go with the bad, ill add a YES!! IT WORKED!!! Now its all in caps because, ladies and gents, my baby has learned to self soothe and sleep (mostly) through the night. Before this week my little lady would wake up every 2 hours -yes every 2- for a top off. Now for a newborn that is not bad, but for a 7 month old it gets a little ridiculous. So for the past 7 months we have been some sleep deprived parents. The difference with this week is that we decided to let her "cry it out" (oh no!) Thats what i thought, but for reals, it worked. I was afraid to do it because the first time we tried R wouldnt stop crying, so that meant mommy didnt stop crying. So we tried again, Round Two! It was rough the first couple of nights becuase the mommy is sick (so just more exhausted in general) and R didnt know what was going on. So with the help of a patient hubby willing to stay up with me to make sure she got back to sleep- its working. The only way i kept my sanity was with the use of orajel, really, and giving her back a 12am feeding. Orajel, really? Yeah, she is a sucker for that stuff. You put it in her mouth, give her a paci, a blanket to hold and in 2 seconds she will be out. You think she would be teething, right? Nah, she will take the stuff anytime. So we let her cry for a few minutes, and then david would go in to soothe her (i couldnt or else she would keep crying til i fed her-know that from personal experience). He did that a couple times and then he would give her the orajel. We knew she needed the midnight feeding cuz orajel didnt help at all. So after a good nurse, she fell back asleep, cried a little after that, but then fell back asleep til 7. I call that success. The next 2 nights, same thing except without the crying after midnight. Tonight-yeah thats right, my baby slept through her midnight feeding. She fussed a little and then fell back asleep. No orajel, no nuthin. Im pretty stoked. I chuckled a little when i realized the miracle...

Now if only i could turn off my brain and block out the noise of david killing zombies in the background (our desktop is in our room)- then id be able to sleep like my babe.... Oh yay, the massacre just finished. Im off to dreamland.

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