Monday, February 8, 2010

Baby Frustration.

So i keep thinking that i am going to get over being sick, and then it hits me harder than i ever thought it could. Last night, we went to family dinner at my parents house. I usually feel better at my parents house for some reason. I dont know what it is, but my body/the baby doesnt like our apartment. Every time i walk in i almost immediately have to go to the bathroom and bow to the porcelain god...

But back to last night, i thought i would feel better at my parents, i didnt. I felt so bad i barely ate any dinner and had to lay on the couch the rest of the night while everyone else had fun in the kitchen. Then when we left i almost made David pull off the freeway a couple times so the baby could take its anger out on my stomach. I made it home, however, and went straight to bed.

I didnt even get to lay down before my guts decided i had to be sick. So i grabbed my handy dandy bowl and had a good red faced session. Last night while we were driving home, i wondered aloud if maybe i am feeling sick again because my insides are moving around trying to make more room for baby. David thought that could be a good reason, but told me to not get too ahead of myself... I am only 16 weeks. Hopefully i will have something to show for all my sick feelings soon. Until then i will continue to be a heathen and bow to my porcelain "friend. "

Until i feel better I'll think of a few of the things that make me happy:

The warm days of spring and summer

People who are dumber than me...

And the pounds lost after i have this little trouble maker. :)

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