Friday, February 19, 2010

Not showing yet!

So, it feels like i wake up every day expecting to finally be showing... but it still hasnt happened yet. I get tricked though, because the little nugget seems to migrate up a little while im sleeping. So in the mornings, while im laying down, with a full bladder, i have a baby belly. The reason we know its the baby showing in the mornings because its always a lopsided bump- The baby seems to favor my left side. But the moment i get up to look in the mirror the bump is almost completely gone, then i go to the bathroom and there is no more bump at all. Weird.

I can also feel the baby moving too. It feels like my muscles are tightening involuntarily, its a really weird sensation. The other night i had david push on my stomach a little while i was feeling the tightening, and he got really excited because he said that he could feel the baby moving too. This is what makes being pregnant worth it. The morning, afternoon, and evening sickness is not worth it until you can feel the baby move for the first time and everything starts to seem more real.

I will be 18 weeks on Monday the 22nd. Then we will have our first ultrasound 2 weeks after that and find out what the gender of the baby is. David is convinced its a boy, and of course i feel like its going to be a girl. So it will be fun to see who is right!


  1. Oh I am sure you are so cute! I swear everyone is prego. I am so excited for you that you are pregnant.

  2. when is the estimated due date of your little one? my youngest is a july baby :). I hope you feel better soon. Have you tried the morning sickness candy from Motherhood Maternity? I fortunately didnt get morning sickness but a good friend of mine swears they work. Couldnt hurt to try. Let me know :)