Friday, June 4, 2010

Ugh, moving....

So.. tomorrow its happening... again. Moving. David and i just moved out of our old apartment a little over a month ago, and moved in with my parents. Now we are moving back to Provo because our new apartment is now available. ( We were able to sell our apartment one month earlier than planned so we could save money for a month.) So tomorrow it begins again. Im especially hating this move because I can help about as much as a trained monkey. All i can do is stand around, point to where i want things, and supervise. Its ridiculous. As I am typing David is out in my parents garage organizing our boxes so that packing the u-haul can go quickly and smoothly, and no, he wont let me help. If I am left to my own devices i try to do things myself... when we moved out of our old apartment, a month ago, i was in charge of packing up our bedroom- little did David know that in my head that included moving around the box spring and mattress. I was severely scolded as i pushed and pulled the bed out of the bedroom all by myself. Shortly after that i tried picking up our dressers, and all the boxes holding our clothes. Again, i was told i was being a 'bad girl'... then he laughed because i gave him the innocent 'who me?' look. So now i have strict orders that im not allowed to lift anything remotely heavy. Meaning, im not allowed to lift any of our boxes, or furniture. So here i am wishing i could help. Wake me up when its all over. Thank you.

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  1. I am with you Lauren. I hate moving. At least you don't have to do the hard stuff! No hurting baby :)