Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Little Less Than 3 Weeks Away

Well it's about 3 weeks away until we get to see our new baby girl. Lots of things have to get finished and done before then. We have to finally choose a name, figure out vaccine stuff(which to get?, When?...etc), get the baby room all set up.
Right now we have about 5 names: Roxy, Emma, Sophie, Lana, and Esther. We don't have any middle names picked out since it's hard to match them up with 'Januszewski'.
The baby room is almost finished. We got a crib a mattress and bedding. We are making a changing table that Lauren originally started in High School as a cabinet. We have converted it into a changing table by adding some legs to it and a wider top. We got new hardware to get the drawer and the doors to work. We painted it a custard yellow. It looks really good so far. We'll have to post some pictures. Other than that we are almost ready for the baby to come. Lauren is actually requesting from me to be able to already have her. She just wants her out so bad. I do too... don't get me wrong. There is still a ton to do before she comes, if not we'll be in a world of stress(I think).
Lauren seems to be getting more and more uncomfortable. I try to help a lot but I just feel bad that she has to go through all of that by herself. I try and give her foot rubs and rub her back when the baby is kicking a ton. I also get her crushed ice all the time since she needs to drink lots of fluids(Doctor's Orders).

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